Worlddidac Future Talk,  9th & 10th November

@World Education Days Bern 2016

Conference Theme 2016 – Funding Issues and Solutions for Education Projects

As part of the development of Worlddidac Future Talk at this year’s event it is intended to start with a one day conference to be held within the World Education Days exhibition in Bern. This conference will focus on B2B business with manufacturers, agents and distributors attending the event. The objective is to introduce the audience to alternative ways of financing educational projects and to look at ways to work collaboratively with providers of finance, project managers, suppliers and manufacturers.

 What is Future Talk?

Future Talk will become the vehicle for Worlddidac and BERNEXPO to run an international conference programme that addresses key issues for education managers, planners, administrators and academics. At future events it will provide a forum for the foremost thinkers, leaders and practitioners in the world of education. It will create a platform that is independent and impartial across a broad spectrum of educational interests to encourage Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Future talk strives to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the interest of global education whilst upholding the highest standards of moral and intellectual integrity.
The annual conferences will discuss key issues under three main headings effecting global education: